Our world is beautiful.

Our little blue ball floating in space is an oasis. My quest is to capture special places and moments in time via images that bring peace, tranquility and wonder to the observer. Printed in large format, these images bring great vibes to any room they hang in. I hope when viewing my work, you go on a journey along with me and become transported to that place and moment in time.

Every place has something special.

Capturing the beauty of a place has much to do with being in the moment and soaking in what makes that particular place unique and how it makes you feel. Even the same place takes on different moods as the light of the day, or the seasons change. Capturing and passing along that feeling to others through the sharing of my work is what drives me to keep going.

It's not all pretty sunrises and sunsets, brands get some love too.

I am just as comfortable in the studio as I am outdoors waiting for the perfect sunset. I have shot food & wine, fashion and product for major brands such as Cotton, Inc., E&J Brandy, Tsingtao Beer, Apothic Wine, Camarena Tequila, Bridlewood Wine, Louis Martini, Del Monte and many others. What project do you have in mind?